Thursday, October 11, 2007

This week in comics

Hey gang, something new I'm going to try. Let's see what happens!

Tales of the TMNT #38 - A bright spot an otherwise lame series. I started buying this book on pure nostalgia and the high I got off of the recent TMNT flick. The main story focuses on the preteen turtles getting into mischief and discovering Leatherhead for the first time. The art is pretty tight, although all the turtles look the same and the dialogue balloons are all over the place. Sadly, this'll be the last book I buy in this series.

Countdown #29 - This is finally picking up! The Piper/Trickster storyline is what sells this book. Jimmy Olson's meeting the Newsboy Legion was a nice touch as well (still not sure where this is going). Mary Marvel....meh.

Captain Carrot and the Final Ark #1 - I've been waiting for this one for a while. Bill Morrison's writing is great, and if you like puns (and I do) there's a boat load. Scott Shaws! art is still tite (I spell it that way when something is so"tight" it can't squeeze in any other letters).

Gargoyles #6 - Ugh, what a waste! This book was horrible, mainly because of the huge printing error. Two pages are printed in error and the dialogue balloons are all over the place. For a book that takes it's sweet time to come out, you'd think they'd be able to avoid problems like this.

Booster Gold# 3 - Great book as well. Geof Johns and Jeff Katz are just killing on this title and Dan Jurgens art is phenomenal.

Damn, not a lot of info, but it is my first dealy. Maybe I'll get better.

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